Premises and Rooms


The Villa Tammekann was constructed as a single-family residence. Retaining a homelike feel has been a goal even when adapting it for university use: The Granö Centre is a home away from home for university staff when they visit Tartu. We do not want to run a hotel or a guesthouse. We hope that our guests will sense a special atmosphere when staying at the centre – the kind of atmosphere that the Tammekanns and Aalto also hoped to create. In the restoration, we have attempted to use the spaces and choose materials, colours and furnishings in keeping with the spirit of the whole.
In 2001, the realization was recognized with the prestigious Europa Nostra Heritage Medal (about five are awarded each year in Europe). The house has also merited an award as “The Most Beautiful Home in Tartu”. Further, the Villa Tammekann is the only Estonian house listed on the Iconic Houses website.