The Granö Centre of the University of Turku and the University of Tartu

Welcome to the Villa Tammekann, the Granö Centre for cooperation between the University of Turku and the University of Tartu!

The Turku University Foundation wishes to create an enjoyable and memorable experience for visitors to the Granö Centre, both staff and friends of the universities of Turku and Tartu. The following contains some practical information regarding use of the premises.

The restoration of the Villa Tammekann, designed by architect Alvar Aalto, has been carried out following Alvar Aalto’s original plans and in the functionalist spirit of the 1930s. The choice of colours and materials has been a matter of particular concern. Interior design decisions have been made in such a way that the architect’s original intentions and a homelike feel could be preserved.

The premises are intended for use by the staff and cooperation partners of the University of Turku. The Centre is not an open guest house or hotel. We hope that this makes for a pleasant, inspiring, peaceful, memorable and generally positive experience.

An info sheet in the room contains some important telephone numbers, etc. The rooms are also provided with brochures and annual reports of the Turku University Foundation and the University of Turku. The book “Alvar Aalto – Villa Tammekann” is available for inspection in the living room. Some other publications and postcards can be purchased at site.

The bookcase in the library contains material on the universities of Turku and Tartu and their history as well as on geography. Old materials should be handled with great care. On top of the bookcase are leaflets and annual reports of the Foundation, which can be taken freely for reading later. The bookshelf contains a comprehensive set of books on Alvar Aalto donated to the Villa Tammekann by the Alvar Aalto Foundation. The bookshelf also contains brochures and magazines on the University of Turku, the University of Tartu and the City of Tartu. Books on the City of Turku can be found in the Turku Room in the basement.

The art on the first floor is on deposit from the Jyväskylä Art Museum. The artist is Juhani Petäjäniemi. The Alvar Aalto themed photography in the living room has been permanently placed in the Villa Tammekann by the Alvar Aalto Foundation. The photographs from the exhibition “J. G. Granö’s Blue Altai” belong to the Finnish Literature Society and have been permanently placed in the Granö Centre. See the book “Blue Altai: J. G. Granö as a photographer in Siberia, 1902–1916”.

The library has a  scanner, printer and portable computer for guest use. Guests are also welcome to use the television on the ground floor. Ask the Host for instructions. The local newspaper will be placed in the kitchen for reading at breakfast time. The house has open WiFi. No password is required.

Residency Host will instruct guests in any other practical matters when they arrive at the Granö Centre.